Patricia Nzolantima, an entrepreneur, an achiever, a woman who showed the world how it’s done and who broadened the horizons of success from individual to social upliftment, is here with her gems of knowledge and expertise in the form of a TV show
- The Bizzoly Show.
Here, it will not be just about investments and end results of consistent planning and hard work, it will also be about the first step and preparations for it. Before every leap, there is a preparation followed, mental work that helps you gain that mindset.

Life Lessons with Patricia is about building that foundation

This show led by Patricia holds an answer to every key question, to help you build the faith in yourself.

To make you believe that success stories that inspire you and your dreams can be your reality too.

The show is also a deep conversation with entrepreneurs, founders, corporate guests who have been through life’s challenge, and overcame it.

Together with Patricia, they are sharing their life’s lessons. What they have been through to be where they are? What had built them?

We're on a mission to celebrate the extraordinary journeys, triumphs, and voices of women and men around the world.

If you've been looking for a unique platform to share your story, establish authority, and inspire both your existing and potential clients, then your search ends today.

You might be the perfect fit if you have a compelling story to tell, are passionate
about your work, and are ready to inspire our network, and your generation?

Engage in an intimate conversation with Patricia about your story, mission, and passions.

You'll have the opportunity to connect with Patricia Nzolantima’s audience, and network.

We work with several international media in the world.

We have outstanding opportunity for you to showcase your talent, ideas, and expertise on a wide-reaching platform.

We can make you a special guest on highly esteemed television shows in the USA.

As a guest on the show, this is an incredible chance for you to:

  • Reach a broad, diverse audience.
  • Highlight your accomplishments, ongoing projects, and future endeavors.
  • Network with other high-profile guests and industry leaders.
  • Showcase your expertise and insights to the entire USA.

Your story is unique, and we believe that sharing it on this platform will bring both inspiration and value to our viewers.
If you're ready to take up this opportunity, our production team will guide you through the preparation process to ensure your story is delivered in the most impactful way.

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