More than two decades ago, I dreamt of leaving a mark across the globe by giving wings to the fervent dreamers and doers!

Patricia Nzolantima, a fervent activist from Congo, dreamt of a mark across the globe by giving wings to the fervent dreamers and doers. She believes that educating one girl is equal to educating a country. Her faith in women empowerment drives her vision of attaining an unbiased society for women, one broken barrier at a time. Identifying what is important and helping each other break the glass ceiling is the key to unlocking the true strength of the entrepreneur in you.

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Bizzoly is more than a brand, a philosophy and dream.

At Bizzoly, Patricia aims at these very key aspects to give others the reward of their passion and dedicated efforts towards purposeful and fulfilling lives!

With Patricia, and her network, master every area of your wealth and life!

Be the woman (or/and man) who dreams and seizes every opportunity to make it come true! 

With Bizzoly, The African dream is POSSIBLE!

Empowering a potential mind is the best service to humanity and we are here ensuring the same service from our end one idea at a time.

Ready to build an empire?

Hop on this train of a determined team and unleash the power in you!


20+ Years of Experience

Dedicated to one mission- Transforming businesses and lives

Industry expert

With many ‘Firsts’ under her name

Experience With Top Brands

Worked with brands like Coca-Cola, P&G, Nestlé Samsung & Unilever


This place is a portal for you to transform your business and life with proper, tailored coaching and consultancy services for all your investment and business growth needs.


Every business has an untapped side that can turn tables- from a business to a conglomerate generating incomes from many streams. With Patricia Nzolantima, you have the chance to unleash this potential and create an empire.



Investing can be overwhelming, particularly for beginners. Patricia's investment coaching approach is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to confidently identify opportunities and effectively manage risks.


``Little visionaries are the best assets of the future``

Experience & Dedication

Taking this vision ahead, Patricia has changed the narrative of growth as she played the rolf of-

Serial Entrepreneur

Established Ubizcabs and Ubizdelivery, the first of their kind, along with 1st Female Drivers Academy in Congo.



A pioneering force as a mentor and an advisor to help budding leaders develop their potential to the fullest


Providing guidance and access to resources to entrepreneurs to scale and expand their businesses and contribute to their countries’ development and prosperity

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The Bizzoly Show

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Patricia Nzolantima, an entrepreneur, an achiever, a woman who showed the world how it’s done and who broadened the horizons of success from individual to social upliftment, is here with her gems of knowledge and expertise in the form of a TV show- Life Lessons with Patricia.

Life lessons with Patricia is all about building a foundation that lead you to empower yourself to take it all and live a life of abundance.

The show is a deep conversation with entrepreneurs, founders, corporate guests who have been through life’s challenge, and overcame it. 

Together with Patricia, they are sharing their life’s lessons. What they have been through to be where they are? What had built them



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